What is “Foundations of Sapphires?”


A lot of wonderful, strong, beautiful Christian ladies are single…And never expected to be. It isn’t something that they hear preached about. The Church talks a lot about marriage, and somehow many of us expected that honoring God would equal marriage (or marriage by a certain age). Many singles never expected to be single so long. It was a shock for many of us to still be walking out something we had never planned for. Some feel forgotten by their churches & that the Church as a whole doesn’t know what to do with them. Some feel blamed for being single. Sister, I’m here to let you know that you are not alone! There are many of us ladies worldwide walking out this journey and awaiting the day that our Heavenly Father finally unites us with a man suitable for us! Most of all, we are women sharing this journey together & seeking to glorify our Heavenly Father!

Foundations of Sapphires is here to focus on the unique & often overlooked needs of single Christian women. Both long and short seasons of singleness can be used wisely to build a strong foundation for yourself & future family! This time can be used to be molded into a healed & whole woman who will be a blessing to her future family & every other person that she encounters! You can come out of the fire stronger…Just as the brightest sapphires are forged after coming through the fire and cooling off!

How Do I Get In Contact?

Click the contact page to book me as a speaker, have me host an event, or for individual consultation or mentorship! I am also available for writing jobs, especially on topics of singleness and faith.

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Isaiah 54 uses imagery to describe Zion as a single woman. Isaiah 54:11 was the inspiration for the name!


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